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About Northern Baltic

Northern Baltic is a Lithuanian based part of ABChus – group of Norwegian companies. Since 2006 we are successfully engaged in the selection of construction specialists, their recruitment and administration in Norway. Our engineering division provides a full range of engineering design services to the members of the company group.

Our goal is not only to ensure the stability of jobs and the highest qualification of our employees: we strive to create the best working conditions and to maintain close relationships with all the participants of our business processes.

Mission – represent our group of companies by providing productive workforce selection methods and efficient use of design skills in order to maintain reliable and attractive brand in the Lithuanian labor market.

Vision – to be the main supplier of construction workforce selection and engineering services in ABC Group.



Collaborate – we are team with shared goals. We share knowledge, experience, find the best solutions and believe that teamwork is the key to our group’s success.

Respect – it is important for us to develop, nurture and protect long-term relationships with employees, partners and customers. For this reason we act ethically, honestly and responsibly towards our employees, environment and society.

Strive for results – we are proactive, vigorous, focused on effective implementation of tasks and positive result.

Are constantly improving – the development and improvement of competencies enables us to renew, implement meaningful changes and ensure high quality of our services.


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