About us

UAB Northern Baltic is the foreign capital company providing construction, design, contractual and labour hire services in a compliance with the highest international standards in Norway.

From the very start of the company’s activities in 2006 when it consisted of several specialists of construction sector and administration, we are developing and expanding the circle of our customers and employees. The main impetus of the constant development of our company is transparent and responsible activity which is ensured by our professional highly qualified employees. The modern methods of personnel selection and management ensure that our employees are only real experts in their field.

Since 2012, the design unit operates in our company. Our engineers, working with the most up-to-date 3D design applications such as ArchiCAD and SEMA, prepare design and manufacturing drawings, prepare calculations of energy efficiency of buildings.

In 2013, when the number of our employees increased by almost forty, we implemented more than three hundred and fifty projects of residential houses. Almost two hundred of our employees in Norway and almost twenty employees of the administration and engineering unit in Lithuania are taking care of smooth installation of panel houses, laying concrete foundations, repair of premises, interior finish, performance of plumbing and mining works and implementation of glassfibre manufacturing projects.

In order to achieve the perfect result, we buy the building materials only from reliable manufacturers and suppliers since our uniform goal is the quality construction solutions for our customer.

Principles and values of activities

  1. Reliability: our priority is the perfect quality from the birth of an idea until its full implementation.
  2. Security: social guarantees and legal protection for our employees enable them to create transparent and secure future.
  3. Community: close cooperation of the employees in Norway and the administration in Lithuania ensures good working atmosphere for both old-timers and new members of our team.
  4. Partnership: the most important things for us are development, fostering and keeping of the long-term relationships with customers and employees.


  1. to remain the reliable partner in the represented sector and active player on the construction market.
  2. to take care of constant development of the company and look for the new field of activity.
  3. to ensure stability of workplaces and the highest qualification of employees.
  4. not only to meet, but also to exceed the expectations of customers.